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What makes a successful entrepreneur


What makes a Successful Entrepreneur


It is an easy question with a hard answer. The answer is we all are entrepreneur sometimes we may not have the access or circumstance to propel our ideas. To take an astronomical example of one of the world’s best entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs have vision. They know what they need their product needs to look and feel like. J.K. Rowling is an extreme version of a highly successful entrepreneur. Her vision of what she imagined for a book came to life, it’s a terrific story one that will be told for ages.

Entrepreneurs are leaders. Yes, to take an idea or a vision and create something means one must be a good leader. Sometimes that is natural, or it is taught, it can be it instinctual to the task at hand. Leadership does not last forever, it must be retooled and focused. Oprah Winfrey is one of the best leaders the we have in the world. Her demeanor is calm, but she is very much to the point and she built her brand on her own beliefs surrounding herself with gifted individuals leading them towards her goals.

They convey enthusiasm. Elon Musk is exceptional at expressing how excited he is about his company’s new products. He is overjoyed about telling the story of his innovations, sometimes to the ire of his investors. A successful entrepreneur must be a rocket science when it comes to their pitch and delivering a positive message.

There must be luck in any plight of an entrepreneur; their ideas must match the needs of society today but the essential qualities of creating a dream never stop. One must have vision, the ability to bring an idea to life. They must build and lead others. Building a business is difficult but successful leadership allows others to be a part of the process. Nothing can stop one’s enthusiasm, the storytelling and life changing event that their dream is going change the world.

By Dane Flanigan


Dane Flanigan is a business consultant who helps companies build strategies to grow sales.