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Are Women Smarter in Business Than Men?

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Yes. Not to say that one group is “smarter” than the other but women have a distinct perspective.

If we look at today’s shopper’s it’s women, clothing, house products, kids wear, vacations etc… women buy more consumer based products than men. They are now driving these changes in the market place because they are selling to and buying from other women.

We are at an age, where we are seeing more female executives, managers and entrepreneurs that are shaping corporate culture.  These changes in the business lead to trends in purchasing and the emergence of new buyers.  

A very small sample, is the indoor fitness cycling where many of the members are women. From this activity comes enhanced performance, a need for a change in clothing, where we now have an emergence of active gear. Women have started these cycling companies, designed and built their own clothing lines and become the baseline buyer both in membership and now in style.

As an industry is changed, a new market grows; active wear now becomes leisure wear and the people who are most knowledgeable are the ones who use and buy these products, they have a unique outlook. 

So are women smarter than men…everything depends on buying power and market trends and that is indeed perspective. How will this distinct view affect other business trends: technology, manufacturing and even automobiles only time will tell but not sure you will ever see me in yoga pants :)

Photography by Osahon Tongo