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Infrastructure for the Future

Los Angeles is improving infrastructure building roads and expanding the train system.


Los Angeles has some of the highest traffic congestion in the world, “home of the freeway.” The long-standing joke in LA is that we have a public train system, most people don’t know about it or wouldn’t use it. The Metro train is getting better: it is expanding, reaching more areas, it is becoming safer with armed guards and they are letting the public know we do have a train system by advertising.  

Cities need infrastructure and not just roads and bridges, it is hard to grow by totally relying only on automobiles especially as we think about the future. As in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and many parts of Europe and Asia you can operate and move to other areas more efficiently utilizing the train. The problem with here has been it was limited to certain parts of town. Now with the expansion and building of new lines it is becoming easier for those living in outlying areas to commute. This also means more access to our suburban areas.


Another issue on the train has been safety. Without turn styles and people watching who is getting on and off,  there was often vagrants and violence. Now, it is good to see arm guards providing a stability for riders. The problems are not 100% solved but it has been improving.   

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Any new system or idea needs marketing and advertising. There are  signs and ads, about how the Metro is changing the city encouraging people to utilize it. Not lost,  is positive programming on where the Metro travels. In the future, we should have celebrities and socialites Tweeting and Instagraming their stories from the train 's  new Wi-Fi network. If you want people to do something in Los Angeles it has to be set in motion.

In addition, Metro's leadership listens to the community it also builds public trust with small businesses. Politically, LA has recognized a need for change and the voters responded by approving the measures to increase the sales tax to fund it.

The Los Angeles Metro is an example on how to create jobs with new infrastructure, build for the future and how civic minded leadership listens to the community and takes directive action.


By Dane Flanigan

Dane Flanigan is a business consultant who helps companies build strategies to grow sales.