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Something Worth a Listen

I love reading fiction but reading non-fiction at times will bore me... When it comes to intellectual conversation I like podcasts and audiobooks especially those read by the author.  It is good to intensify your mind with business lessons and personal goals.

Thinking in Bets.jpg

Annie Duke: Thinking in Bets

Annie says to think of life more like a game of poker instead of chess or checkers and the outcome is secondary to the process. Sometimes the outcome can be luck either good or bad but it is the thought process and the rational behind it that is important. 

The Book of Joy.jpg

The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Douglas Abrams

 Douglas Abrams is sitting around listening to two of the most powerful spiritual leaders of our day. It is their stories and love for the world and each other that is inspirational. 

shoe dog.jpg

Shoe Dog: Phil Knight 

Above all else, successful entrepreneurs hustle; they never quit, they work extremely hard and they have an ability to bring people together. I had always thought Nike was a success because of it's brand and product, that is a big part of their success but the group that started Nike is amazing.