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Do You See the Advertisement? 

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Kim Kardashian is creating her own Madison Avenue.

Do you see the advertisement? The social media ad – the buy is suggested from the celebrity. The style draws you in while you relate to the setting. The product is secondary but it is psychological. If you want to look attractive going just about anywhere and I underline the word anywhere, buy this bra. The next late night, you are at the gas station and you have the munchies you should purchase these gummy bears.

This new Madison Avenue wasn’t created by an ad agency over a fifteen-day shoot with executives nodding yes and no. It was generated by a socialite who started a multi-million-dollar empire appealing worldwide to the public’s senses.  It is brilliant but not necessarily original.

For decades celebrities and personalities have pushed products and ideas our way. Traditionally it has been magazines, newspapers and television. With Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and the news online we are drawn into a new world because of our connectivity to the internet.  Are advertising agencies still in charge?

The younger generation of customers are in charge and there is a shift from big placement ads to more direct marketing. Think of this as the new mailer except this is not physical it is virtual with more of an ability to shift on demand. We are going from macro to micro advertising, ads specifically tailored to you. Who do social media personalities appeal to? Probably the over thirty-five crowd not so much but younger people are attracted to the lifestyle. They are more influenced by trends and purchase products at a higher rate. The sale is bigger, not only in our town, city and not just in America but the word international now meaning an immediate response -sales.  

Not every business can afford an A-list socialite but more companies should look to engage with their customers through social media channels and maybe low-cost videos and direct ads are an effective way to start.

Dane Flanigan
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Dane Flanigan is a business consultant who helps companies build strategies by growing sales.