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How to Spot Brilliance

How to Spot Brilliance

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Brilliant ideas matter most, different is better.

You can tell people that make a difference because they are different. It may be the way they look, act, think or even talk. And what’s wrong with being different – absolutely nothing. But don’t let the status quo tell you that because we all get lost in it.

An example is the barista at the coffee shop who has green hair, we can clearly tell their style is different but did you notice they are reading the by Odyssey by Homer? Did you hear their ideas about improving the flow of customers in the store or were you too focused on the green hair and the fact that were reading the Odyssey and they may be a little odd?

Their courage is in their choice of hair color. The fact that they read the Odyssey means they are thinking, the idea that they noticed how to improve customer service means they care about their job.  We may pigeonhole these people as not the ‘corporate type’ but when you see them in boardrooms or as young entrepreneurs and executives you realize the reason why they are here. 

Obvious is the hair, not so subtle may be their gender orientation or their accent and even what country they are from. It does not matter, different doesn’t matter, ideas matter. Brilliant ideas matter most.

When you are different the world challenges you to stand out, to be better, to think about things no one else has. Let us not ignore these people in the corporate world, let’s accept the challenge especially in business and embrace it.

By Dane Flanigan

Dane Flanigan is a business consultant who helps companies build strategies to grow sales www.DaneFlanigan.com