Executive Strategy

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DESDE Development



DESDE is a mix-use development that is thirty apartments and two retail spaces. What makes this project unique is that it is a resort style apartment in an urban setting. This development is as much about culture as it is creativity.

A project cannot just look good on a spreadsheet, it should match the neighborhood, the vibe in which it lives. Working with architect, Seth Ellsworth, he understands that feeling and as a problem solver he works to make his designs match.

In some areas, the word gentrification can mean destruction and change. Change is inevitable but it doesn’t mean you need to destroy everything in your path or create monstrosities. For DESDE, it means looking at the past and allowing it to be a building block for the future.

DESDE represents the future in taking an active role in the businesses it holds as tenants. Return on Investment is often a hesitation but gone are the days in Los Angeles where we can solely rely on raising rents and property appreciation. This project will have a well thought out concepts for the restaurant and cafe that maximize revenue. Our managers will care about the customers as much as they do the margins.  

DESDE is a game changer. It redefines the neighborhood vibe, establishes trust in the community and looks outside the box for positive gaining revenue. This development nods to the past and builds for the future. In real estate as well as in business, Our projects  will always ask the question: What is next and how can we make it better.