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                                                                                                                                                    The Future or a Fad?


I have been trying all the subscription based delivery meal services and they are delicious. Are these packaged meals the future or a passing fad?



For any product to be present in the market there must be demand. When it comes to food there is always a grade on quality and not in terms of taste. In perishable goods we are now discussing durability as well as door to door delivery. What really differentiates companies in the long run is scalability.


           Demand, Quality, Durability and Scalability

Demand: That is the real ticker from fad to future, can you keep the people interested?

Quality: Value based on what one is spending – is one getting their monies worth?

Durability / Delivery: I have been really impressed on the packaging and timed delivery from some of these companies. I live in a major metropolitan city – would my Mom say the same in the suburbs of Ohio?

Scalability: Is resourcing quality foods nationally is a challenge. Farm to table works locally and, in many cases, regionally but does consistency nationally could create a problem?


                      Innovation, Understanding, Luck                        

Creativity: These concepts are easily duplicated; true innovation comes from being different

Understanding:  They must also tap into their clientele and understand their needs.

Luck: It is a proverbial set of circumstances that is needed especially with a new concept