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Strategic Marketing

Corporate Strategy Marketing Video

Definition strategic marketing is increasing sales and keeping ahead of your competition.

Strategic marketing is putting an action plan in place that has a ToDo list on a monthly basis, focusing on the organizations’ strengths over the competition and is adhered to by a budget. We always focus back on our revenue goals and relating those goals to a plan. That plan has action segments and is attached to a number.

For many marketing is an afterthought and for some it is not a strength but in order to grow our business we need to have a strong strategic marketing plan in place.

  1. Focus on company strengths – what do you do best – what your people do best
  2. What kind of marketing do you like to do – you will succeed in what you enjoy
    • Internet Based (Search Engine Optimization) ad clicks
    • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
    • Print / Digital Advertisements (billboards, magazines, bus ads, newspaper)
    • Events Marketing – Trade Shows
    • Networking (social meetings, group events, dinners, lunches, breakfast, coffee)
    • Public Relations – having a firm to voice your strengths
    • Mail marketing – may be slowly going out of style
    • Partnership marketing – investing in 3rd parties to promote your product
    • Guerrilla Marketing – getting out, meeting people
    • Email Campaigns – may be somewhat effective
    • Referrals
  3. Adhering to a monthly budget – not going over
    • Give it time to succeed (ramp up period)
  4. Measured Results
    • Have an idea of where your customers are coming from – how did they find you
    • What it costs to obtain each client