Real Estate Strategy


Real Estate Strategy Video

A real estate strategy is finding the correct place and location for the business

Location, Location, Location is influenced by price and opportunity.

Knowing the market

  • Is where you want to be where your customers are located
  • Where is the competition – in certain circumstances competition can be good
  • People that will work for you – will they travel, if so how far

The strategy is often a tale of where you are economically

Looking at other ways of financing

  • Can you afford the rent – is there an option to buy
  • Taking advantage of local and state options – tax breaks
  • Can the business sublease or look for a partnership to take advantage of a certain area

How important is it to be in a certain area

  • The extra cost can be worth it
  • Going to where the market is going to be – Wayne Gretzky Vision
  • If you are not in a prime area of your choice then marketing will be key