Moving from Goals to Action

Corporate Sales Strategy Video

Strategy – is a plan of action

Strategy is the nuts and bolts of a plan, the how, what, when and where. It is the direction you take and the road map that is followed. Every good business plan has a strategy on how the organization is going to accomplish their goal.

How to form a good business strategy – putting together a plan to execute and achieve the revenue goals.

  • ToDo – who is going to do it and when, there is a date set and a timeline with an effective result
  • Budget is ascertained by talking to different departments and knowing the goals that need to be achieved.
  • Network is what contacts we are meeting with in order to achieve these goals- current customer base, future customers, vendors


In order to increase revenue growth beyond what you have done in the past, you will need to devise a strategy that goes beyond what you are currently doing to reach customers. That may means more trade shows, more direct meetings, more partnerships, better public relations, selling into vertical territories.