Executive Strategy

Defining Market Strategy

Defining Market Strategy Video

Knowing who buys from you and transitioning that knowledge into quantifiable numbers to increase sales. It’s knowing the: who, why and finding the – who else with the ability to create your own algorithm for your business.

Who buys:

Comparing present, previous customers and knowing how they came to you

When did they buy – certain times of the year, season

Customer profile: age, location, gender

Why do they buy:

Company niche in the market (product, location, style)

What is the customer motivation

Is there a lack of competition

Who else has the ability to buy:

Being able to quantify how we can increase our lead generation

What are people responding to advertising, revues, space

Is there another market we can capture more market share

  • Parallel products / accessories
  • Cross marketing – partnerships
  • Increase the marketing budget (last resort)