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People are the most important part of any organization or company but a resource that is often overlooked. People are the difference makers in any company. Your product is secondary, your service can be outdone but the people that work for you and the people who frequent your business are the most important factors for you increasing revenue.

The CEO is just as important as the entry level person; the mid-level manager is just as key as the top paying customer. We all have different roles in a company and if one person fails to do their job we are all affected. The only question is, can we listen better? Can we form a strategy an action plan to listen?

As a company, do we know our employees? Their names, their gifts (what they are good at), their goals (personal and business)?

Do we know our customers? Their names, why they buy from us, their motivation? How many times a year do you say thank you?

Our vendors are key components to our strategy. It’s not just a relationship based on price but one that is about service. A good vendor can also be key in marketing partnerships.

How do we increase our revenue and build strategies that work? – We form monthly meetings to get to know people better, to listen to their ideas and we let them be creative. These meetings can be in a conference room or at Starbucks.

What is good strategy – involving the input from everyone in your system and putting a plan in place.