Executive Strategy

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Around the Corner

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Building the FUture

I am really confident the Happening Group Inc. will bloom to be the next big media company. Lead by founder Brian Wells, they are changing the grass roots marketing game with  Happening in DTLA  and Happening in Highland Park  

  • 75,000 unique daily website visitors
  • 2,000 daily individual content downloads
  • 1,000 monthly Mobile App downloads
  • 166,000 Instagram followers
  • 6,000 Facebook friends
  • 10,400 Twitter followers

With a curve on their market strategy and honing in their demographics the plan is to work with Brian to build the brand while growing the business. 

I believe that people, no matter  their circumstance have unique ideas, sometimes you just need someone to believe in you - did you see last year's story about my barber Nami Grogan ?